Thursday, February 29, 2024

Invest East Midlands & the big Business Bounce Back

Over the last twenty years Invest East Midlands Partners have contributed to multi millions indeed billions of pounds worth of economic development in the Region through their influence on infrastructure, land release, planning & property development. Their sourcing & support of inward (FDI) & indigenous investors with a wide range of professional services including place marketing, construction, supply chain, finance & legal services has been key to the Region delivering well above our weight in a highly competitive global market.

We realised of course that many of those partner skills can also benefit companies already located in the region in particular to help deliver our big Business Bounce Back and with no hesitation quickly responded. The successful outcome had an unexpected result when many companies saw benefit in being included with “hotlinks” to their website in the Partner Directory whereas we have been able to facilitate this in the short term, post Covid we will need to return our focus to our potential investors (local companies we have helped through the pandemic tend to come further down the supply chain in terms of support to a business looking to establish in the Region) as a result we have asked our Partner team at Connect East Midlands to establish a new “free” Business Directory to facilitate continuation of their business bounce back through 2021, this will enable us to remove them from the Invest East Midlands Partner Directory and return our focus to our Inward & Indigenous Investor objective.

The New Connect East Midlands “Connecting Business Directory” is located at

The Invest East Midlands “Partner Directory” as usual is